The Grooming Salon At Dogwood Lane Kennels

Refresh, refluff, and reinvigorate your pet with an appointment with their favorite groomer.

Bremen, Ohio dog groomer

Basic Bath

Our basic bath includes a soothing shampooing experience, a gentle drying and coat brush-through. It also includes ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Cut & Style

Does your pet need a fresh new cut? Our cut-and-style service includes a bath, drying, trimming and shaping. Whether you like a classic cut or you’re after a hot new style, we’ll make your pet look and smell amazing.

dog groomer in Bremen, OH

Low Stress Handling

Grooming can be an overwhelming experience for some pets, especially when they’re being handled by a stranger each time. At Dogwood Lane Kennels, your pet will get to know their groomer, who is well-versed in low-stress care practices. We also have Adaptil pheromone dispensers in our facility to help your dog feel calm during their appointment.

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